Hamlin School for Girls San Francisco, CA


Hamlin School for Girls initiated a transformational design for its campus in 2014. The campus improvements will include a marginal increase of 9,700 square feet of space and an increase in the student population from 400 to 440 students.  The project involves the improvement of the campus’ Middle Building and McKinne Building located on Vallejo Street.

PUDC/Joel Roos managed the design development, the entitlement process, the selection of the general contractor, and the project budget.

The design includes the re-development of new classrooms and an expansion which includes a dedicated theater and gymnasium.  The project involves the optimization of the existing property by excavating beneath existing structures to create space for the theater and gym areas. The anticipated start of the project is the spring of 2020.

The focus of the entitlements was to evaluate the existing student drop off and pick up behaviors, as well, as the cumulative impacts of student drop off and pickups of nearby schools.  The project approvals were contingent upon the school’s consideration of transportation demand management which included the implementation of additional drop off zones and staggered drop off times.

The project was unanimously approved by the San Francisco Planning Commission in 2016.

Status: Project Start Projected for 2020
PUDC Role: Owner’s Representative
Architect: Mark Cavagnero Associates
Contractor: Herrero Contractors